Cuteness overload! Name the Polar Bear Cub competition 

Think up a name for our polar bear cub and win a memorable accommodation package for the whole family at the Gulo Gulo Holiday Village!

All the animals at Ranua Wildlife Park have a name. Naming the animals is important, because an easily remembered name helps animal caretakers pass information about the well-being of animals to their colleagues. Naming the male polar bear cub born in November 2016 is especially meaningful. The birth and survival of polar bear cubs in zoos is very rare and people all over the world will want to see him grow. He is also so cute that we have had trouble coming up with a name that would suit him. Could you help us?

The naming contest ends August 31 and the winner will be announced September 4. The top prize is a two-day experience including accommodation for the whole family in Gulo Gulo Holiday Village and a special polar bear tour at the zoo with animal caretakers.


Competition has ended, thanks for everybody.